In our company you will find a wide range of sculptures and reliefs, as well as decorative hand-made wood carvings. We perform a wide range of fabrication with religious sculptures and reliefs - Madonna statues of saints, altars, pulpits, as well as decorative elements in wood and sacred altars, confessionals, tabernacles, and baptismal fonts.

We also provide renovation and reconstruction of antique furniture. Restoring antique furniture is a real challenge, requiring not only a wealth of knowledge, but also the utmost precision and artistry of the craft. Properly performed reconstruction requires excellent technique, selection of appropriate and well-defined materials and, above all, time and patience to be able to restore old furniture suitable glow.

We also produce furniture fronts, the reconstruction of the missing pieces of furniture.
This type of reconstruction requires great precision such compliance with the original grain furniture. Furniture fronts can also be used for contemporary furniture, thus giving them a unique look.

In our offer we also have: painting, gilding, patina, and antiqued methods.
With excellent quality materials and paints, we are able to regain your furniture, statues or decorative elements its former glory or gain a whole new character and style.

We also make usable sculptures, which are becoming more and more popular on the market.
We offer carved stylish furniture, decorated with details - pilasters, ornaments, decorative moldings, ornaments, applications, frameworks.

For design we use the most advanced computer programs in the actual modeling and 3D scanning.

Our products are very popular and will satisfy the tastes of people for whom the art and its beauty matters.
In recent years our work conquered markets in Europe, and gained a special reputation in the demanding markets in Italy and Germany.

If you are interested in buying our products, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer on the online store.