Our company will help you achieve the individual ideas of utility and religious sculptures, decoration and furniture including a special purpose, as the sacred furniture. We will design a unique model based on your sketches, pictures or just loose ideas. Thanks to computerized modeling and visualization at the design stage we will be able to see what it looks like as a sculpture or decorative element. We are able to render you item in a virtual scene for a overview.

Computer-aided design, ie using modern equipment and software is becoming increasingly popular and is used more often. With this type of technical design and 3D modeling to computer, you can very quickly and accurately design the detailed models of natural shapes, designs and also get decorative elements including a very complicated formula. For design we use the most advanced computer programs in the actual modeling and 3D scanning.

We offer actual and virtual design and non-contact 3D scanning - so we don’t have to do a project from scratch. You can scan the object, which will become the target and you will be able to add or delete anything to fit your needs.

We design sculptures, reliefs, and decorative elements so that, it can be done in our studio by hand, using traditional methods, or using our machinery using the latest techniques.